Dear Editor:

After attending the Bush demonstration at the GOP Headquarters yesterday, and then reading your account of things today, I'm happy to report that your CQ (credibility quotient - the number by which your figures must be multiplied or divided to arrive at the truth) has improved since last January's peace rally. Your estimate of the number of people who turned out in critical response to our mendacious leader's Mt. Lemmon photo-op was 500, whereas according to individuals and groups who were there purely to count heads the actual number was 850 (present at once, at the height of the event, not counting those who left early or came late.) So your CQ is 1.7, down from 4 earlier in the year when you simply reported a wholly bogus police estimate.

The rest of your report was, of course, completely misleading. The crowd was very orderly and cheerful, and the scant handful of passing motorists who shouted obscenities out their windows were largely ignored. George Bush had very few friends at that rally, along the sidewalk or in the commuter traffic, and you forgot to mention that. You were, however, dutifully lavish in your awe of the President, as he used our tragic burn for a cheap campaign poster backdrop and an opportunity to pitch his program to sell off the rest of our forests to the logging industry. Such unquestioning adoration is probably praiseworthy. I wish I had a dog like you.


Michael Moore