“Our beautiful peace movement has been driven into hiding along with Saddam and his minions,
soon to return, as we pursue the elusive weapons of mass destruction from one country to the next.”

~Tom Moore

A Letter to the European Union

Easter Sunday, 2003


Sadly, we must inform you that our leadership has gone mad. The onset of dementia is normally accompanied by increasing isolation and desocialization. This is true internationally, as many of you have begun to realize that Uncle Sam is listening more lately to the demonic voices in his head than to you, his old friends. Internally, well, they are our leaders. We've always been a bit isolated, and our educational system has been edged out by television in recent years, so to be honest with you it looks like 65% of us will probably accept the government’s hallucinatory reality and follow them on into bedlam rather than admit that we have lost our way. Sorry we can’t be of much help.

From a medical standpoint it would be countertherapeutic to encourage the Bush administration in its paranoid insistence that the “hidden weapons” they have become obsessed with can in reality be found and destroyed by means of a military rampage. Most of you already understand that there is no safe ground to be acquired by pretending to align yourselves with them in this. The nature of paranoid schizophrenia is always to fabricate a threat in the unknown and unseen. The list of “terrorist states” is short, but will grow as the darkness spreads itself before them, concealing the vials of biological agents and the suitcase nukes that could so easily be dropped into their laps. They will create evildoers and doomsday laboratories in every opaque corner of the world, from the hinterlands of China to the basement of the Louvre. No one, neither friends nor family, will be exempt from this suspicion. Any psychiatric doctor can confirm this. It requires courage to step back and refuse a heavily armed maniac the confirmation he so desperately implores, but it is a dangerous association. The company of lunatics should generally be avoided.

Ironically, it was a true perception, forced by 911, a clear demonstration of the error of our belief in invulnerability, that triggered the psychotic episode we are seeing today. It is an epic survival dream. Threatened, suddenly, by a clear and present danger, the people in the new cross hairs are attempting nothing less than enlisting the public to support them in the mental transformation of a ubiquitous, immaterial Freddy Kruger, a great, ghostly flock of chickens coming home to roost, into a series of actual, if inappropriate targets. It is an extremely well-documented pathology, by means of which abnormally anxious patients manage their fears. This writer is ignorant of current treatment options, but suspects that antipsychotic and tranquilizing drugs have become the therapies of choice. We can’t very well wrestle the entire administration to the ground and medicate them, and getting so many unwilling and unforthcoming individuals into group therapy might also be problematic at this point.

Europe is the birthplace of psychotherapy. Your cultural kinship with us allows you a general understanding of our society, while your transatlantic objectivity has spared most of you the contagious effects of our current Napoleonic malady. Like the general run of insane people, we have become abusive of our friends and not very nice to be around. Notwithstanding that we have no right to ask for a solicitude that we would not give if the situation were reversed, still you might be our only hope. As we begin to doubt that we will be able to repair ourselves from within, we can only ask that you enlist your best diagnostic talents and come to our assistance. We don’t know what has gone wrong with us, and we are certain to be an uncooperative patient. But if our condition continues unchecked, if treatment doesn’t reach us from some quarter, we can not guarantee anybody’s safety. Within normal parameters of hormone balance, and given the stabilizing effect of internal checks and balances, we are capable of functioning within the world community, contributing our expertise and capital to the common weal despite the arrogance and other traits that you find merely irritating or embarrassing about us. But given the progressive severity of our illness, our continuing outpatient status and the lethal hypertrophy of our military, we have become extremely dangerous. Please help us, but please also be afraid. Be very afraid.


Michael Moore