To the Editor
Tucson Star/Citizen

Dear Editor:

Jessica Lynch has finally set the record straight about her capture and rescue. She did not, as in the Army's version, resolve not to be taken alive and resist the Iraqis in a fierce gunbattle until she blacked out from her wounds. She was not slapped or abused by evil hospital personnel. There was no Iraqi military presence at the hospital, nor any need for the commando style rescue staged by American troops who blazed through hospital staff and kicked down doors to which they were offered keys. The videotape made by the Army was entirely bogus, as was the characterization of Lynch as an American hero.

Rather than believe that our government would use such lame theatrics to propagandize us, I would prefer to think that Jessica's fellow soldiers simply exaggerated the events as their way of honoring one of their own. Yeah, that must be it.

Except for this item about Larry Flynt acquiring the nude photos of her that virtually every serviceman in Iraq carries in their wallet. He told The Associated Press that he changed his mind about publishing them in Hustler Magazine because "she's a good kid."

I'm only just now coming to realize how patriotism brings out the best in everybody.


Michael Moore