To the Democratic National Committee


From: Michael Moore
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 08:30:21 GMT
Subject: Your survey

To the Democratic National Committee

Hi Fellas:

As a registered Democrat, I am in receipt of your survey questionnaire and your request for financial support.

I tried my best to respond to your questions about whether I think classrooms are getting too crowded, or whether Social Security should be privatized. I have opinions about those things, but frankly, with the economy in the tank and the government savaging our freedoms here at home and charging off to bomb terrorist weddings overseas and turning the world into an American military enclave, I haven't thought much lately about fine tuning our society. Maybe if we had paid more attention to education thirty years ago we wouldn't be up to our noses in alligators today.

Your survey repeatedly asks what I personally think about various issues, as well as what I think the voters think. I appreciate that you are trying to sample some public opinion before going into an election year. But I wouldn't go pandering to the voters if I were you. You are the guys standing for public office, and if all you plan to do is take some bathtub curve of party opinion and present it as the heartfelt conviction of your candidate, nobody in the liberal wing of your constituency is going to buy it. You have a real dilemma.

Right or wrong, most people I talk to are pretty clear about what they think in these divisive times. It's hard to get a fix on congressional Democrats, however, and you who formulate their position statements. Did you guys just get in off the golf course or something? You seem to be asking us what it is you stand for, or what you would be prepared to stand for if you could figure out what the voters want you to stand for. Are you whores? Don't you have any convictions of your own? Can’t you just go with those? Were you going to change your opinions to match mine?

The reason George Bush is going to kick your asses next year is because he is morally unambiguous about his monstrous agenda. Have you no equally clear alternative to his ugly vision for us all? Don't these flies set off some kind of alarms with you people?

I'm sorry, but I can't help you to figure out what you think. Read the papers, take some classes, talk to your pastor. When you come up with some opinions one way or another, let's hear them. If we like them we'll vote for you, and if we don't we won't. That's how moral clarity works. It comes from down inside you, and you trot it out and stand behind it and take your chances at the polls.

At the end of your survey you ask me for money. My budget is limited for donations, and there are, as you can imagine, many demands on everybody's financial support out here. I gave money to MoveOn to lobby you (unsuccessfully) to oppose the war. I gave money to ACLU to oppose domestic tyranny. I gave money to Amnesty to fight the erosion of human rights here and elsewhere. I gave money to independent media to bring us news not saturated with government propaganda. I gave money to Gospel Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army to feed and shelter victims of this heartless society and this horrible economy. I gave money to Catholic Relief and Doctors Without Borders and the AFSC to try to clean up the administration's bloody messes. It doesn't make any sense to turn around now and support your torpid organization, which has rubberstamped Bush's asinine little empire and tolerated the bad people and policies my money has gone to oppose. I am not among the vast herd of flagsucking idiots who can not think beyond supporting the troops, standing united and marching in lockstep into the third world to kill some hallucinatory bogeyman dreamed up by Dr. Strangelove and a pack of neoconservative religious fanatics. It is bad enough that my taxes finance it. No, you can't have any of my money unless you are willing to help.

Given that your ideas, not mine, are the ones that matter here, I'm appending a list of random questions of my own, which hopefully your candidates will be able to elucidate prior to the presidential primaries, regardless of which way the political winds are blowing at that time:

1. Do you think an American Empire is a good idea? How powerful is powerful enough? What should be America's goals in the world? What should not be our goals?

2. What would happen if the WTO and America's corporate community wanted this country to go in one direction, and your administration wanted it to go in another?

3. How do you visualize the future of Homeland Security? What steps will you take to see that the Patriot Act does not violate my privacy, abrogate my legal protections or endanger my safety? When will this internal police network be discontinued? How?

4. Would you be willing to clarify exactly to whom, and under what circumstances, the protections of the U.S. Constitution apply? Will your administration define fundamental human rights, specify to which humans they apply, and define the conditions and extent to which we will act to preserve or restore them?

5. How do you plan to get America's friends back?

6. How do you plan to replace my 401K?

7. How do you plan to restore the lives of the survivors of the tens of thousands of people George Bush has butchered with your acquiescence over than past two years?

8. How will you go about getting the religious right out of politics and back into revival tents where they belong?

9. What steps do you propose to take to remove the influence of corporate monopolies from public affairs? What is your proposal to limit the influence of special interests on media content when it is special interests who own the media?

10. What measures will you take to bring about financial transparency, accountability and regulation of large corporations which impact public life, such as oil and insurance and international banking and utility companies?

11. What is your plan to bring Democratic officeholders back from Republican ideologies to the liberal political principles they claim not to have abandoned?

12. What is your definition of a terrorist?

13. What is your definition of freedom?

14. How soon will we be up to date on our United Nations dues?

15. Will you repeal NAFTA and demilitarize our border with Mexico?

16. Will you end the death penalty?

17. Will you take steps to break up media conglomerates and restore free and independent news resources in this country?

18. How quickly will Afghanistan and Iraq be restored to sovereignty and ownership of their own natural resources?

19. What, in your opinion, is the distinction between what we have just witnessed in Iraq and an act of international piracy?

20. If criminal wrongdoing is discovered as a result of investigations into the Cheney-Enron connection, presidential campaign fraud in the 2000 elections, or deliberate high-level duplicity or violation of international law in the administration's prosecution of the Iraq invasion, can we expect indictments? Would you consider extradition of defendants in such proceedings to face international tribunals?

21. What specific steps will you take to repair our relations with the Islamic world? Will you investigate the complicity of U.S. Special Forces in the massacre of 3000 Taliban prisoners after the siege of Kunduz?

22. How soon will the United States become signatory to the Rights of the Child, the agreement to ban land mines, the Kyoto Accords and reinstated nuclear test ban treaties? Can you clarify our commitment to the Geneva Accords?

23. Specifically, what is your plan to remove nuclear weapons from North Korea? Israel? The U.S.?

24. Of the two million Americans in prisons today, how many cases do you intend to review? Will you repeal the three strikes law? How long will you keep John Walker Lindh in jail?

25. How will you resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and what is your timeline for this? How soon will Israel comply with UN Resolution 242 and remove it's settlements from the West Bank? Are you willing to use force to accomplish this? Will you use your influence to resolve the Chechnya conflict? The Congo conflict? Tibet?

26. Can we expect the Freedom of Information Act to be fully enforced when you take office?

27. Do you think we really need a $7 trillion a year defense budget? Will an audit of these expeditures be forthcoming when you are in charge? How are these allotments determined? Do you see a problem with the fact that the CEO of Lockheed wrote himself a 500% salary increase between 2000 and 2002?

28. Why do you want to be President? Are you insane?

Gentlemen, the Bus of State is headed for cliffside, and your ludicrous quiz seems to be asking me whether I would like to go over the edge a little to the right or a little to the left of the spot Bush and his apocalyptic lunatics have picked. Try to see this. We have come down the wrong road. We need to hit the brakes and make an immediate U-turn. If your party and your patchwork candidate can not offer to do this, let's hear no more from you.

If our best option is a fast and merciful end, we are best served by the executioner we've got.

Yours very sincerely,

Michael Moore


Date: Sat, 17 May 2003 04:45:54 GMT
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From: Michael Moore
Date: Sun, 18 May 2003 04:45:54 GMT
Subject: Thanks for your quick response to my letter

To the Democratic National Committee

Hey, team:

Who would have believed that after having been in touch with you for just a few hours you have already made me a Democratic e-Captain? E-Captain Mike. I like the sound of that. I'm puzzled, however, that, after reading my letter, you believe that I can "help you make a difference." You aren't going to make much of a difference if people like me vote for Nader. And you aren't going to make a difference if there isn't anything different about you.

So let me understand this. Assuming that I have this circle of friends and family who will be interested in hearing the Democratic message (once you are able to articulate it), I am to organize them into a team (of which I will be the Captain.) You will keep me briefed on certain “inside information” at, pertinent to the issues which are important to me (see above). I will receive a decoder ring, and a password to the DNC e-captains’ cyberwashroom. Have I got it?

To touch on some of your other items, I have, as I mentioned, already taken the survey. As for inviting my friends and family members to visit your web site, I really think you had better talk to them through me. A lot of them are old school liberals from the sixties and seventies who still remember getting beat up by Mayor Daly's municipal cops and watching them trash Gene McCarthy's campaign headquarters. They voted for Nixon just to get even with you, and to tell the truth they still harbor some resentment. The Party has spread way over to the right again (probably to stay in touch with the government) so until you re-learn the language of the people you'd better let me translate that inside information to the folks over left of center.

Sometimes my meaning gets lost in my subtle prose, so you perhaps misunderstood what I said about not sending money. Let me say it less cleverly. I won't be making any financial contributions until I start believing that you intend to recognize the concerns that I, my friends and my family are completely freaked out about today. Bad Democrats. No money. Make me proud and then we'll see.

Well, thanks again for putting your trust in me. I'm off to "MyDNC" to check my mailbox and get working on those hot issues. Please try to get my questions (above) answered pretty quick, since I am afraid most of my contacts are going to want your position on much of that stuff before they join the team.


Michael Moore

e-Captain, Democratic National Committee