27 MARCH, 2003


North Africa 3/27/03:

Vandal forces sacked the city of Giza early today, meeting with heavier-than-expected resistance as defenders stubbornly dug in to protect their homes and families. The horde suffered only light casualties in the pre-dawn attack, according to spokesperson Ragnar, Eater of Entrails. Witnesses reported numerous fires throughout the city, with over 400 human heads severed and piked by mid-day. The Giza raid was part of a larger campaign, "Operation Hapless Survivors", designed to create a zone of desolation and horror from the Red Sea to the Gulf of Sidra. Chief of Tribal Vengeance, Thoric the Ravenous, interviewed Tuesday, said he was pleased with overall progress in the region and hoped to extinguish western civilization with a storm of death by Eastertime. Morale was high as filthy, horny, bloodthirsty warriors expected to begin plunder and rapine operations as early as tomorrow, the spokesman said.

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