Civilian casualty on the "Highway of Death", a stretch of road leading from the Kuwait border to Basra. The U.S. Air Force blocked both ends of this highway, which was filled with fleeing soldiers and civilians, then strafed and killed everybody on it - somewhere between 500 and 1000 human beings.

A retired Air Force serviceman where I work says he was there. He appears to have enjoyed himself very much. It was, he said, "a beach."

A woman in our church also thinks the war is a good thing. We are, she says, bringing Christianity to Iraq.

This guy was probably one of Saddam’s infamous “doubles,” wearing the pointy, low-cut civilian shoes that led our Special Forces to believe they had the evil dictator himself in their gun sights. Arabs do tend to look alike.

But it has been acceptable protocol, from before the time of Christ (our Merciful Saviour), to kill one man in place of another.